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Marketing - If they don't know you exist, how can you ever grow?

Marketing 101 is the essential need for every growing business. The question usually is, who is your target market and while the seller can tell you everything you need to know, does the consumer know you exist?

How you interact with your consumer tells a lot about how your business identifies iteself to its audience. Do you know how you are percieved? Do you reach your ideal audience? More importantly, do you exist in marketing?

Marketing encompasses everything from Branding to SEO to Public Relations and yet so much more. PIXELED employees our Monster for all things Marketing and he is EATING up the competition for many of our clients -- How can we deliver for you?

Branding - Step 1, Making your BRAND genius!

Smarter than the average Bear, your brand implies and indetifies your immediately through visual and tag line specifics. Branding shouldn't be just a cookie-cutter Stock Image with some quick wit. Your Logo, Your Tag-Line represents YOUR BUSINESS. You have 7 seconds to make and initial impact when a perspective client sees your brand, welcome them in with it -- make them feel like they are home.


Marketing Overview - Step 2, PUZZLES are more fun when they are put together and you can see the whole picture!

Securing the pieces of the puzzle and how they will fit together is the key part of your Marketing overview. The plan of Attack, the Sprinkles to the Ice Cream, and the Whip Cream and Cherry to the pie.

How to Prospect Leads, Tie your Brand into the Website, Communicate and Capture "perspective new clients" and also reports for Social Media and Optimization.

Without a Plan - you cannot expect the troops to fight together and your enemy will see the weakness and expose it!


Photography - Step 3, Snap, Snap, Click, Click Headshots, Imagery, and Much More!

A picture says 1,000 words, but a picture with a face says much more. In business, image is often the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. A professional portrait or corporate photography can and is used for many areas of Branding.

*Marketing, Advertising & Publicity
*Corporate Websites and/or Intranets
*Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
*Social Networking
*Email Confirmation
*Employee Recognition

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SEM & SEO - Step 4, OPTIMIZE your Social Media and your Search Engine Information!

TWO seperate and vastly different pieces of the Marketing puzzle, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing rely heavily on each-other and you really cannot have one without the other, or can you?

PIXELED believes in the TRUE ORGANIC marketing plans, 80% Optimization and 20% Paid. If you follow the formula specfically and practically, you can exist in the same areas of your competition and for less time and effort then they spend. After all, catching the tail wind allows you to cruise until you are closer to the finish line!

SEO - The continually evolving and ever-changing world of On-Page and Off-Page activities. Discipline and knowledge of algorithm's is important.

ON-PAGE is Meta data Optimized, Quality in the writtend and and Optimized page copy, Clean URL's, Load Speed, Google Tags, Social Media Integration and much, much more.

OFF-PAGE is the Link building that is valid and optimal, Social Sharing, Social Bookmarking and much, much more!

SEO is the main stay and isn't going anywhere, while there will be many changes tomorrow and forever, your business cannot be found anywhere if you are not Optimized properly. You can't just plug information into a software and hope it works, it requires competitive analysis, proper keywords, and so much more.

SEM - The Paid arena for Marketing from the Traditional Ads to Paid Inclusions, Pay-Per Click advertising and SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The 20% of a great marketing plan that is divided among the Social and the Advertising world. However, even without the SEM a great SEO plan can stand on its own.

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The ART of Communication can't be just done by anyone. Processes, Anticipation, Counseling, Research and Evaluations this all leads into Planning and Implementation of COMMUNICATION.

How one communicates their message to their end user is important. If you don't let the public know you have a product they want how can they relate to you? PR is equally as important as SEO and SEM in the fact that ties the box of treats with a bow and lets everyone know who you are, what you do, and how you can assist them!

When thinking about PR we have to think email marketing, surveys, press releases, Gifting, Television, Commercials, Billboards and more -- but that is just the tip of that iceburg. PR is the digital ages idea of simple and straightforward of strategic relationship building and PIXELED builds the bridge for you.

Afterall, we know why the chicken crossed the road - to get to his fans on the other side!