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PIXELED E-commerce – we build it, they buy it, you love it.

PIXELED’s e-commerce combines the proprietary software of our Anesidora (our customizable shopping cart front end) platform, intelligent programming and Proteus (our full feature ERP back end) making your company unstoppable.

Implementation of the right tools and ecommerce knowledge for your storefront and/or multi-location company can be what sets you apart from your competitors. PIXELED’s “right-way-first” design and implementation allows you to take the market with your goods and services.

The right business partnerships and the ability to roadmap your website’s e-commerce needs are important to you and your end user, don’t leave it to the novices! PIXELED will prove out of the gate that our Anesidora and Proteus partnerships have you covered.

PROTEUS and PIXELED partner together to take you where you want to go.

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