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Have You Been PIXELED?

Creative, Ingenius, Artistic, Unbelievable, Fantastic, Above the Bar -- These are many of the adjectives that have been used over the last 16+ years to describe the talent within our organization. Inspired by our clients' drive and want to keep moving forward, our partnerships with them last a lifetime.

Based in Escondido, California, PIXELED has been producing quality website design, secure-minded programming and development for companies big and small. We understand the Brand in Marketing and SEO and we push the limits and boundaries for the medium. Illuminated Hosting partnered with PIXELED, is leading the way in technology for web hosting services -- all the while LISTENING to our clients' needs and wants to sustain growth for now and throughout the future.

In today's ever changing world of how people access information, PIXELED has been leading that push for over 16 years now. For the world is our oyster and our clients, the pearls, we ask you, 'HAVE YOU BEEN PIXELED?'